Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d prefer to learn a bit more about solar energy in USA, read on. We’ve collated the most common questions asked by our VARASOLAR clients, as well as those asked online, to provide you with the basics.

VARASOLAR™ is a solar integration and installation company that provides a platform for homeowners and commercial building administrators to go solar in an easy, uniform, and modular format with the help of the professionals at VARASOLAR™ and the resources that they make available. By choosing VARASOLAR™ you can: Finance your solar system, buy solar equipment and install yourself, purchase equipment and hire a service provider to perform your installation.

VARASOLAR™ can help you go solar by providing you financing for your solar project. VARASOLAR™ finances with the best financial lenders available in the consumer credit industry making it easy to finance your solar equipment.

VARASOLAR™ manages databases of utility company interconnection procedures, along with State, Federal, and Local incentives for your solar project, so that you have a resource of knowledge of what it will take to get your system interconnected with your utility company, and what amount of incentives in credits or rebates you can expect to be paid to you after installing a solar system.

VARASOLAR™ provides unlimited support to purchasers of solar systems. We help you every step of the way in your solar journey.

VARASOLAR™ administers a network of service providers across the United States and self performs projects in The San Francisco Bay Area of California.


VARASOLAR™ packages start at $10,000 before any incentives or installation costs.

Every home’s energy consumption is different, and customer’s goals are often different as well. Contact us and we can talk about your energy and solar goals to guide you to the correct system size for your needs.

Yes, VARASOLAR™ can assist you in obtaining permits with your municipality or homeowners association, or you can hire a service provider to obtain building permits for you..

Every VARASOLAR™ project has a different return on investment (ROI) period, depending on what incentives are available to you, and what installation services you choose to contract.

VARASOLAR™ systems are the newest technology available in solar. They do not need to be updated or replaced and are made to last at least 25 years, which is the warranty period for most of the equipment provided within the packages.

Occasionally, if you live in an area prone to forest fire, or an area classified as a desert, you may choose to have your solar panels cleaned occasionally for aesthetic reasons. Cleaning dust or soot off the face of your panels will absolutely ensure that your system is producing to its highest potential. Most areas get an adequate amount of rainfall, and panels do a good job of keeping themselves clean.
Yes, you can install VARASOLAR™ systems yourself as a DIY project. We provide videos on the different scenarios on how to install your solar systems on your own, with the help of your friends, family, or work buddies!
Solar installation is definitely not rocket science, and with the right resources and support can be installed as a DIY project. Installing solar as a DIY project will save you thousands of dollars and reduce your return on investment (ROI) period down considerably, potentially allowing you to pay your system off in as little as 2-3 years.

General household maintenance skills are very helpful with choosing to install solar panels on your own. Trade skills that are involved in a VARASOLAR™ system installation include roofing, electrical, and mechanical.

With the incentives and technology available now, and the generally low return on investment of your solar system, it makes no sense to wait to install your solar system if you can afford it. In fact, if you’re interested in solar now and postpone your project several years, you are actually losing money by paying for electricity and financing utility company’s fossil fuel production.
A southern facing roof with good sun exposure is usually a good indication that you could be an awesome producer of solar power. If your roof isn’t up to par, or is shady, VARASOLAR™ systems also come in ground mounted options where conditions may be better. There is almost always a way to install a producing solar system.

Alright, I am ready to get started . . .

Reach out to a VARASOLAR™ support representative on our site and engage in some dialogue about your solar goals. VARASOLAR™ will advise you on your solar options and provide you a proposal with financials and details of your solar system.

VARASOLAR™ will guide you to apply for financing if need be.

Purchase your VARASOLAR™ system and schedule a delivery of your equipment. At this time VARASOLAR™ works on your design plans for your project and for the AHJ Permit offices and utility companies.

If you’re contracting for installation, schedule an installation with a service provider. If you’re installing your VARASOLAR™ system on your own, contact us along the way for help or advice and be sure to contact us after the installation for post installation protocol and application process guidance.

After purchasing a VARASOLAR™ system you get unlimited installation support, pre-installation processing support, post-installation processing support, and lifetime monitoring and tech support.
In the event that something is wrong, submit a support ticket online or give us a call immediately. We will go through some preliminary troubleshooting with you to discover what the problem is with your system. Should you need to make a warranty claim, we will guide you on how to do so.
Of course, this is part of the VARASOLAR™ process. We provide a service provider in your area that can help you with your installation or provide some or all of the work. If we have no Service Provider within your area, we will help you locate a knowledgeable electrician or installer.
You can expect to save on your electric bill a couple of weeks after your utility company has issued your Permission to Operate (PTO) on your systems after you have your installation inspected and submit necessary paperwork to your utility company.
If your roof is 15 or more years old and the decking on the roof does not appear or feel solid, you may want to install a new roof before installing your solar system for healthy installation for the duration of your 25+ year production.
Yes! VARASOLAR™ system is modular. Expansion packages are available on our website for purchase and can be added at any time if your energy consumption increases. A VARASOLAR™ Base Package can be expanded with a VARASOLAR™ Expansion package up to 10 times, totalling 15kW per Base Package. If choosing to expand to a size more than 15kW, another VARASOLAR™ base package can be purchased in lieu of 5 VARASOLAR™ Expansion Packages.