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Millions of Americans are joining in the solar energy movement whether it be by having solar panels installed on their home or business, purchasing solar equipment for a DIY project, or by joining in the network of solar energy professionals whose jobs allow people to get the job done. VARASOLAR™ brings these groups of people together by offering useful resources within the industry that aren’t inflated. VARASOLAR™ seeks to make solar easier no matter how you participate.

Why Go Solar?

When asking yourself the question “Why go Solar?” you will be presented with a hard choice to make. We’re here to help you make the right one.

As energy consumption skyrockets across the planet, hazardous, non-renewable fossil fuels are dwindling. Unless we make the switch to eco-friendly electric systems, our energy-hungry planet will wither. Solar energy solutions for your home impact the environment as well as save you money. VARASOLAR™ offers profitable solutions that reduce your carbon footprint and how much you spend on lighting, heating, and cooling your home. VARASOLAR™ average 25-50% less costly than competitors.

Eliminate Electric Bills

When you add solar power to your home, you're not only saving money on your bill, but you're making it too! Your local utility company is required to cut you a check for all of the electricity you don't use, making solar power a great option for many homes.

Avoid Utility Rate Increases

Utility rates have increased from 2.5% to 7% every year which means that adding solar to the equation can tremendously decrease your utility costs and start saving you money. The price of solar is immutable so you'll be saving more money each year from the day you install.

Increase Property Value

When some people go to buy a home, seeing solar panels on the roof can automatically make it one of the top reasons to move in. New studies show, we're finding out that property values of solar homes can rise above 4% which can make you a larger profit when it comes time to sell your home.

Help USA Energy Independance

The United States only produce 3% of the world's oil but they consume up to 25% of it. Consuming that much of the world's oil takes our country to a large imbalance, making the U.S. rely more on foreign nation's fossil fuels. Over $700-Billion dollars a year is spent by the U.S. on oil each year!

Protect the Environement

According to the EPA, the average home emits about 20-metric tons of carbon each year! With solar installed, the amount of carbon emitted can drastically decrease. Having solar power installed on homes and businesses can decrease the annual demand on energy at your utility plant.

Create Jobs

The renewable energy industry alone employs 2.7 million workers here in the U.S. and is expected to create many more jobs as time increases. The cost of building a nuclear power plant is actually priced at more than building a solar farm.

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Ever wonder about the major components that make up a residential solar power system? So did I until I went through the process of installing a solar array at my house in 2010.

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