Joe’s Flow – Energetic Thinking Direct from the Sun’s Reflection, Vol 1.

It was undeniably a foregone conclusion. Years of picking the low-hanging “energy fruit” led me higher and higher into the consumption tree. An earlier attempt against the beast had me foiled by a lack of time…ambition…enthusiasm. Even with the odds against me then, I had mounted a most noble attempt. Again, the low hanging fruit had been picked. I was back for the final kill…deep into the bowels of the demon’s belly…climbing high into the reaches of the tree…

[If you don’t clearly understand me, I invite you to please read my future Vara USA posts for a better understanding of the issues driving my energy-minded brain!]

The door was opened…shelves were removed…the potatoes were one way…the apples the other. A lost burger king ketchup pack was found. Not opened! Thank heavens! I pulled at the cover, yet could not release the prize from within the demon’s belly. I twisted and out popped the shelf holder, the rack falling to the floor. I screamed, madness and rage! How could they ever call this energy beast an energy star product with incandescent lights? Why was this one dam bulb buried so deep inside? Why had the cover not popped off simply and easily like the other three?? Who designed this??? I yelled. I screamed!! Madness had pushed me to attempt communication with…an appliance! There was no reply from the demon other than stark silence, but that silence spoke all I needed to hear: You want that bulb changed to an LED? Why? Who does that? The bulbs are only lit for a few seconds for crying out loud!! Why change those bulbs out to save 180 watts for a scant few seconds each time?

And then I realized it. It shook me to the core as I trembled. Years of working along with Vara USA had pushed me to the limits of energy sanity!!! Here I was, half into the demon refrigerator’s bowels, yelling and screaming…entangled in disheveled shelving and plastic trays, all for one stinking hidden bulb; a 36-watt savings! Attempting communication with a damn machine — artificial intelligence has nothing on me bud! So five energy-consuming 40-watt bulbs were slayed by Joe Energy Buster. How did this happen? What had ten or so years of energy generating and saving upgrades with Vara gotten me? Had I gone so far to attack my refrigerator as an energy beast to be slayed for a mere 180-watt savings??


And I was proud. Every watt saved is a watt used elsewhere. Every watt generated is one I don’t have to buy!

How sweet it is! Thanks Vara!

And then I noticed the light bulbs in the microwave…

Stayed tuned for my next post; a humorous but considerate insight into just how important communication between solar harvesting appliances has become, as I explore the latest nuances of solar PV field-to-base communications, even if my refrigerator won’t speak to me for now.

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