Joe’s Flow – Energetic Thinking Direct from the Sun’s Reflection, Vol 7

Gardening is a Constant Battle

Gardening is a constant battle. Pull weeds one day, seems like a whole new bunch grows the next, right? So the other day, whilst puttering away as the proverbial hands-on landscape maintainer I am . . . I’ve done this weed pull once if not a million times, right? But today is different. Working along the side of the home where the mass of my older solar equipment from my first 2 PV installs are mounted (3 inverters, 3 cut off switches, 3 meters and meter boxes and so on), I’m pulling weeds from the plant beds like a madman! While stooped over, my tilted and blood-rushed brain has allowed me to become just a bit disoriented. I’ve lost my mental GPS connection, and as I rise up, you guessed it – BOINK! My head hits hard right into . . . was it a meter? A meter box? A cut off switch? An inverter? Stars and planets? Yikes! Birds & butterflies? Anybody get the license plate?

I’m seeing it all spinning right before me at this moment.

I stumble a step back and look at that mass of wall mounted equipment that was required less than 15 years ago for the older string-style solar PV systems. They are reliable, yes, but every set of panels at any angle together needs an inverter! 3 different roof angles means 3 different inverters! 5 means 5 different exposures? You got it. More inverters or less production. Oh no! All those shut offs and switches and wire conduit runs and the total industrialization of my home’s roof and exterior walls. Most homeowners wanted no part of it. “You’re not turning my beautiful home into a power plant!”

That was then, and I had no choice but to grin and bear it to get where I wanted to be. But wait. Now there’s a new choice on the scene.

Thank heaven for the 2020’s!

How about this instead: 1 properly sized SolarEdge Inverter connected to as few as 5, or as many as 60 panels, all at different angles, roof slopes, sun exposures, etc, but each panel with one simple addition; the oversight of our new hero, the ever helpful, ever reacting, ever adjusting Optimizer

The Optimizer now allows for all this:

  • Saves wire runs

  • Preserves the appearance of your home, roof or mount areas

  • Saves installer time

  • Makes your system more efficient, more effective, and more reliable

  • Nets you more production

  • Makes the system easier to monitor and repair, with less isolation switches

  • Allows all those panels to be connected to as few as just one inverter up to its maximum design load

  • Gives each individual panel the best possible chance of generation every single day, no matter how it’s placed in relation to every other panel in the circuit!

  • Total design and construction freedom to leverage every single inch of your roof space for maximum solar return.

All of these things add up to cost cuts and a faster return on investment. WOW!

In short. Life is better with our giggling buddy the Optimizer. Please take it from me. With a VARASOLAR® system by VaraUSA there’s no head banging required on your part to find out how to do it right. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your home energy needs, because solar PV is what we love to do.

Next up: what kind of PV generation does it take to sun fuel a 2019 TESLA Model S annually?

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